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Thanks guys!!

2016-12-18 12:45:21 by Mammothtree

Wow you guys...

When i uploaded  Omnichronic to Newgrounds about a month ago it was mostly to prove something to myself that i had the guts to put a game i'd made entirely on my own "out there" and to see something on my own on the site i've been been a fan of for the last 15 years.

i thought perhaps a couple of friends would check it out and maybe someone else would stumble upon it in the portal and give it a once-through at the most. I never expected it to get over 10 000 views, have it sit in the top 10 of "best games this month" for two weeks and to get a ton of great and useful feedback from the community. That might not seem like much to other, more seasoned, contributors on the site but to me it means ALOT.

I thought i'd just try this this "Make a news post"-thing out and just thank everyone for their great support and to "tell the world" that i have begun working on a followup. 

I always had an bigger story for the game planned out in my head from the start but i was, and still am, very much a beginner when it comes to game-development so i didn't wan't to make the rookie mistake of starting out with a huge project that never gets finished. So you can sort of look at Omnichronic as a prologue or opening episode in a series of small games.

I have no timeframe for a release to give you yet and because of my "learning by doing" approach it'll probably be later rather than sooner but i just wanted to just send out a big "Thank you" to the newgrounds community and to let you all know that hopefully, barring any natural- or personal-disasters or other force majeure- type situations there WILL be a followup to Omnchronic.

Thank you!




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2017-05-28 02:42:17

I got back to this profile to remember why I'd put it on fav list...

... Of course ! That game was AWESOME. Go on !

(Updated ) Mammothtree responds:

Thank you so much! I am working on the followup as we speak, it's taking some time as I'm writing a new engine for it. It's though work but comments like this really keeps the motivation up! :)